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Vardagsliv och träningPosted by Anna Ingman Sat, November 08, 2008 15:24:40

8th of november was always the best day of the year; my birthday!!

It all really starts in the late evening of the 7th when I am counting down the minutes to midnight. The first person to congratulate me is of course considered the best!! I never told anyone about this ego-centric idea but I always received SMS, textmessages, right after midnight and so an unofficial contest began.

Last year my dear Marcus was of course the one that first embraced me as a 28 year old girl... This year it happened to be his dear sister who gave me the first birthdaywish and hug. We actually both felt her brother's presence in the room. Not scary at all, just as natural as life is, is death. It is has now been nearly 4 months since he passed away..

I remember every detail of my birthday last year. How we went running in the morning, how we shadowboxed together by the waterfront at Stora Essingen, no snow yet but still a crisp air and beautiful colours on the leaves that still was hanging on to the trees. While running, I remember, we tried to plan and decide the perfect breakfast.. I will never forget the fabulous dinner Marcus had arranged at restaurant F12 where the chef welcomed us personally. How we went to listen to my sami-friends at a concert at Nordiska Muséet. And of course the afterparty with them afterwards... It was a beautiful time..

Another year is now added to my life, with many, many happy memories, and of course also sad experiences. It was a very important year for me. Through happiness and joy, and through pain and tears I get to know myself. Today I am only very thankful for all the experiences I have had, good and bad ones. It makes me the one I am today, and that is the one that, most of the time, feels invincible in all areas I put my mind into. Now I know much better what I am made of..

Tonight I am celebrating again and looking forward to all exciting things that are in the pipeline. Things happen more and more quickly and I have to surf the wave with direction from my gut-feeling and my heart. I am sending many thankful thoughts to all you who read this and to all that sent me your birthday wishes!!

/Your Invincible

Anna Pappakjellsdotter Ingman

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