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För er som vill följa med på mina äventyr i proffsboxningscirkusen...

Ett nytt bildgalleri hittas HÄR.

Stilstudie @ Gleason's

Vardagsliv och träningPosted by Anna Ingman Tue, September 23, 2008 03:08:32
Tough Cookie has just been out walking my flatmate's pitbull. I never realized how much respect a dog like that brings along... I had to pick up the warm poo though, second time in my life I did that. First time was the other day when she decided to release her needs right infront of a gas-stationman. At his gas station. But she is the sweetest thing and tonight she wanted to hunt all the sweet squirrels in Prospect Park, what a cutie.. She almost had an orthodox jew and a group of north african muslims as well..  

So here I go again with Gleason's gym this, and Gleason's gym that... Well, you just have to live with it! A big happy family spending days together, sweating, teaching and talking within these walls. I could tell you all the latest gossip. But, well.. that would be about me anyway, so someone else would have to tell you that... 

Honestly, it is such a privilege to get to see the inside of this little boxing-universe, even though I will always have the perspective as from outside. You have all the boxing-world-characters you can imagine here. It would certainly make the best boxing-movie set ever. I promise that someday I'll share this with you... In someway.. 

But for now I have the great pleasure of sharing my dear trainer and olympic champion, amateur world champion and double pro-worldchampion, the one and only; Mark Breland with youse guys, ENJOY!

Blog Image

Mark Breland and I, in one of the 4 boxing rings. Doing skills.Blog Image

Blog Image

Right hand to the body, leaning towards left...

Blog Image

Getting ready for a left hand.. to the chin or the liver... you choose!

(Thanx to Therese Hahne for sending me these photos to use here at the blog.) 

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