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För er som vill följa med på mina äventyr i proffsboxningscirkusen...

Ett nytt bildgalleri hittas HÄR.

The Joe Frazier story... and Eva Röse

Vardagsliv och träningPosted by Anna Ingman Sat, July 12, 2008 01:08:38

Here you go my friends... a wonderful piece I found on YouTube while studying Joe Fraziers boxingstyle; it tells a most entertaining and sweet story about the great Joe Frazier.. This kind of family-fun is what my future kids will do when they come around, haha...

Don't miss the casting of "Big George Foreman"... smiley

Last but not least, a photo from Morgonpasset in radio P3. Me, Martina and the charming actress and now also racingstar Eva Röse in the centre:

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